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Post  Arcane Zues on Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:56 am

How old are you? 17

How Long have you been playing BYOND Games? A year and some months

Have you been GM before? yes, im a Co-Owner on naruto unwavering shadows revolution, Owner on Naruto Shippuuden, Owner on naruto the shinobi alliance , and Gm on Naruto return of the quilets, naruto rise of hawk, Naruto Let The Sage Begin. I am a owner in a numorous of games but there not up so im not going to list them

Why do you think you deserve GM? I Dont Feel I Deserve GM. I Think Being A Gm Is A Privalige Not A Right. The Main Duty Of A Gm Is To Help Players At All Cost. Making Me Gm Will Help Ensure This Balanced Is Safe. I Am Fair Yet Strict And Can Be Fun To Be Around.i like byond and i am always on when i have the chance. i dont hesitate to enforce the rules, an i give my honest opinion on the rules an new rules that should be enforced. i become a GM on games to help bring order, not like other people who like to abuse their verbs by useing announce for no reason, an editing their stats. i just want to play a good game with good people. if you need references i can get them for you. Also i know have to map somewhat.
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