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Post  Lore on Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:15 am

How old are you?
I Am Currently 15 But Will Be 16 Feb.12

How Long have you been playing BYOND Games?
I've Been Playing Byond For 3 Years.

Have you been GM before?
I Have Been GM On 2 Other Games 1st Was Duel Monster Unlimited (Server Went Down) And Second Was Naruto Fallen Vengence (Games Down Due To New One Coming Out).

Why do you think you deserve GM?
I Dont Exactly Think I Deserve GM But What Would Make Me A Good GM Is That I Am Always Willing To Help Anyone,Im Not Abusive,And Im Not One To Anger Easily.If Someone Trys To Get Me Angery I Just Simply Ingore Them And Go Back To Playing/Helping.

Thans You For Reading My GM App,Lore

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